Monday, July 18, 2011

Say What

Gwen:  These socks say my name on the bottom!  See?  On my toeses! 
Me:  They do huh?
Gwen:  Yes, they say Gwen Westovoh.  See?  G . . . W . . . E . . . X, Y, and Z
Me:  Actually they say Hanes.  It’s the name of the company that made them.
Gwen:  No, Rebekah’s mom just make them. 

Me:  You should have fun.  You’re only 35 once. 
Heath:  I’m 36 dear.
Me:  You’re only 35 twice! 

Heath had ordered a pepperoni pizza and the supreme pizza I talked him into because of the veggies on it.  He told the kids the rule for that night was they had to have a slice of each pizza. 
Parker:  Can I have more pizza?
Heath:  Yes, but you remember the rule right?
Parker:  I know.
Heath put the pizza in front of him:  You can pick off anything you don’t want to eat.
Parker’s mouth puckered up and his eyes widened in surprise:  There’s a lot of things I want to pick off!
Me:  Gavin, did you have enough pizza?
Gavin:  I don’t want to follow the rules tonight. 

Gavin:  It happened a long time ago.  Back when they didn’t have color. 

Gwen:  What’s your name?
Me:  Mom.
Gwen:  And Dad’s name is Heaf.
Gavin:  Mom’s name is Tristan.
Gwen:  No!  Her name is Mom!

Me:  You’re playing a game?  We don’t have time for you to play a game!
Heath:  Well I’m playing.  I already had breakfast.
Me:  Yes but you didn’t feed our children.
Heath:  Well Gwen can’t decide what she wants to eat.
Me:  Then you decide for her.  She’s 3!
Gwen:  Well I am big!  And I just want to have . . . a ball.

Gavin:  I am just like you, Dad, I have hair on my legs.

2 thoughts:

Ray Colon said...

Hi Tristan,

These were pretty good. I remember laughing so hard at some of the things that the little ones say. I laughed as I read these.

I've used, "She's three," and many variations of it through the years, but in a slightly different way. It drives Mom crazy that I have more or less excused all sorts of things from my daughters by responding, "She's only ______." Three, five, eighteen - it really doesn't matter. :)

Despite my oldest having benefited greatly from this phrase, she doesn't like hearing it when it's her sister's offense that is being overlooked.


The Piquant Storyteller said...

Hi Ray,

Kids are great right? I think I use the "she's three" thing more as a reminder for myself most of the time. Not the time I used it in this post but other times I have to remind myself how little my kids actually are. Eighteen seems so grown up until a situation comes up that would be challenging for an eighteen year old.

I'm glad you got a chuckle out of these. The Say What posts are my favorite.