Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There Are No Rules

Isn’t it interesting that for every rule there is almost always an exception?  Verb conjugation, plurals, spelling, fashion, social media, the list goes on.  Even science is not immune to gray areas.  Math is not only the great equalizer, it is always right.  With one exception.

Life with diabetes. 

The math may be correct but each equation has to be balanced with a secret number of variables.  It’s like being a contestant on a reality game show where exceptions are the only consistencies.  Hormones, mood, weather, stock market, and whether or not someone looked at someone else all somehow affect the secret variables of diabetes.  People are human beings not machines. 

My heart goes out to the medical community.  What a potentially frustrating job.  Think of all the diseases and conditions a medical professional has to know.  They have to memorize symptoms, cures, management techniques, and medicine dosages.  They do this all while under the intense scrutiny of people who look to medical professionals as all knowing gods of healing.  How dare they make mistakes?  Guess what?  They’re human too. 

This is why I’m not mad that my endocrinologist took years to suggest a magical cure to the blood sugar roller coaster I couldn’t seem to get off of.  I’m just thrilled something is working.  And I know that tomorrow may be the end of my week in Diabetes Paradise.  After all, I’m human too. 

Let’s talk about the perks of my Diabetes Paradise vacation.  In one week I have lost 4 lbs. while not even thinking of exercising.  Let’s just say that Devon and I are not on speaking terms right now.  He gave me an ultimatum.  Catching up on my reading for the Book of Mormon Summer Reading Challenge I’m heading up for the women in my ward congregation or getting my butt kicked by him.  I chose to read the Book of Mormon.  Well nyah nyah nyah Devon!  You made my weight increase while making me feel like total crap and a focus on my spiritual muscles caused my weight to drop.  Almost a pound a day. 

In one week my appetite has decreased.  I eat until I’m satisfied, which is a reasonable amount of food.  No cravings.  No snacking to try to prevent lows before they happen and ending up with crazy low blood sugar anyway.  No binging before bed with readings in the 150’s.  I now feel peace with readings in the 120’s before bed and I sleep all night without dropping low!  I stopped using my weekend basal rates because my blood sugars are consistently even Steven throughout every day. 

In one week my daily blood sugar range has gone from 30-400 to 60-190.  My weekly average dropped from 200 to 140.  In one week I have gone from feeling like I give up on diabetes to feeling confident and in control again.  Who knew a slight drop in a couple basal rates along with taking one unit more than the Bolus Wizard suggested would make such a difference? 

For all my happiness and success in this last week, I am a realist.  When it comes to diabetes there are no  rules.  I have never been a math fan.  Maybe the absoluteness of it all intimidates me.  There is no room for error.  I’m either right or I’m not.  I prefer the flexible challenge of English.  So it’s fitting for me to be the diabetic in my family.  I like a never ending challenge.  Today worked.  What will work tomorrow?  Every rule comes with an exception.  Including that statement!

2 thoughts:

Grandma W said...

I hear you there sister! I have a wicked bacterial infection in my mouth that should send my blood sugars through the roof and I keep getting lows. Not a great thing when it hurts to eat. Whoever made up the rules can stop now. I had a priesthood blessing that I hoped would heal me but was only promised that I could make the right decisions. I recognize the blessing in that but it is not what I had hoped for. I know there is a reason for me to go through this I just wish I would learn it and get through it NOW. Lord, give me patience and give it to me NOW!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

The good news is you'll live through this. That may be worse than the actual challenge.

Now I have to say it, take care of yourself!