Friday, July 8, 2011

To getting it done . . .

Some days are filled with motivation and other days I want to poop out on everything.  Today was one of those poopy days!  Thank heavens for Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” or I may have just given up altogether. 

Feeling so tired and sore I found this song and it energized me.  Goosebumps prickled my whole body while I basked in the gloriousness that is Metallica.  I love Metallica.  And the guitar solos remind me of my brother and my cousins jamming on their guitars.  They’re all self taught.  So cool. 

Rather than list the things I didn’t do today I will list the things I did do.  It’s more positive that way. 

1.  Read scriptures

2.  Worked out with Devon.  I felt good about this workout even though I skipped two exercises because there was no way I was going to do that much running and mountainboarding.  Besides, the calorie burn goal dropped from 235 to 205 when I clicked off those exercises.  I ended up burning 219 calories in 30 minutes.  Later I texted Heath my woes.  “Oh my finger, oh my thumb, oh my belly, oh my bum!”  Everything is sore.  I think my earlobes feel ok and my eyelashes.  Wait, no . . . they hurt too! 

3.  Managed to get everyone off to the park by 10:30 when I started my workout after 8:00.  Not that it mattered.  None of my friends were there.  Summer is a hard time for us all to keep our park day schedule. 

4.  Drank a weight loss shake for lunch because pressing the buttons on the microwave to cook 3 hot pockets  for my kids was too much effort and nothing sounded good to me. 

5.  Found the Metallica song which inspired me to just get the to do list done.

6.  Called Aetna to get my new ID and group number.

7.  Called the endocrinologist’s office to give them the new numbers so they could rebill Aetna.

8.  Called Mini Med to give them the new numbers so I would no longer owe them $700. 

9.  Vowed to never make those types of phone calls again!  The Mini Med lady did not understand what I was trying to tell her and I wasn’t super helpful with her questions because I only knew what I knew.  It was one of those moments where we both speak the same language but we were not communicating.  If the hospital lab wants money I’ll give them the new information then.  I’m not doing any more proactive calling to ask people to rebill my insurance. 

10.  Paid for a replacement library card since I can’t find mine anywhere and picked up Promise the Moon by Elizabeth Joy Arnold, a fellow person with Type 1 diabetes and writing lover. 

11.  Picked up Gavin’s birthday gifts from the eye doctor.  He got glass cleaning spray, a new cleaning cloth, a $50 dollar gift card for prescription glasses and a $30 gift card for non prescription glasses like sunglasses.  And anyone in the family can use the money if he doesn’t need it.  Plus the girl gave me a gift bag full of contact solution and other contact swag for me and Heath.  Just because we’re Gavin’s parents.  Happy birthday indeed!  Too bad Parker was never a patient.  Too bad we probably can’t see them anymore next month when we switch insurance companies. 

12.  Boiled eggs for deviled eggs for dinner tonight. 

13.  As much as I wanted to crash on the couch in front of Say Yes to the Dress or any other trash I could find, I decided to melt outside some more reading while the kids played in the pool. 

14.  My goal for tomorrow is to sleep until noon.  Here’s to getting it done!

2 thoughts:

Grandma W said...

Now that is a goal I would like to make! I have mud from one end of my house to the other with this wheelchair ramp project going on and nearly a dozen people in and out. I have swept the floor twice a day but it is still gritty. I am SO glad we do not have carpet. Right now Kirk and Dad are putting the Trex on the deck and they should get the ramp Trex in tomorrow as soon as we get some more hidden fasteners. They have not even started the two stairs the we will need to get up the regular way so only really tall people and people in wheelchairs will be able to get in for a while. We still have to clean out the computer room and move the chaise section of the family room sofa before the hospital bed and electronic recliner get here in the morning. Grandma will get here early Sunday afternoon. I have decided everyone will just have to deal with my messy house. If they don’t like it they can offer some help. I have had several low blood sugars over the past couple of days. I don’t know why stress does that to me but I am wiped out. This is not really how I planned to spend my summer vacation.

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Oh Dawn, how I wish so badly we could be there to help. We are still so bummed about not being able to visit next month too.

I'm sure you're overwhelmed with guests and tasks but hopefully when it's all said and done you and your mom can enjoy the rest of the summer together.

And you have my permission to buy candy bars from Costco for those low blood sugar moments. You deserve a special treat for all you do to take care of your family.

Hang in there.