Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mealtime Say What

I love having an open Say What post that I keep adding to until I’m ready to post it.  After adding more today I realized all of these funny moments happened while we were eating.

Parker:  Does some carrots be called grandpa carrots and kids carrots?
Gwen:  And baby carrots!

Me:  How about if you guys put the toys away?  It looks like Santa Claus tripped and dumped his toys all over our house.
Heath:  Tell Mom to come up with a different joke.  We’ve heard that one before.
Me:  I am my grandfather’s granddaughter!

Gavin:  What did I have for breakfast?
Me:  Cereal. 
Gavin:  What kind?
Me:  You had Multigrain Cheerios.  Did you like it?
Gavin:  I feel like I threw up in my mouth.

Gwen: Oreo cookies just come from poop.
Me: What!
Parker: What!  That’s chocolate!
All my kids have been scarred for life because of the things we did trying to motivate them to use the potty!

If these Say What’s have left a bad taste in your mouth, I have one more about toothbrushes.  The story is Gwen was playing with all the toothbrushes.  By the time I saw, the toothbrushes were dripping with soft soap and were upside down in the toothbrush holder.  Needless to say we bought new toothbrushes.  The b0ys got Crayola toothbrushes while Gwen got a Dora the Explorer one.

Gavin:  When I brush my teeth I draw stuff on my teeth.
Me:  You do huh?
Gavin:  Yeah, cuz it’s a Corolla toothbrush!  

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The DL said...

haha this is hilarious!!

The Piquant Storyteller said...

Thanks! My kids make me laugh every day.

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